Monday, 30 March 2015

The Bluebell Tearoom, Stirling.

The Bluebell Tearoom is located just on the outskirts of Stirling town center. Hidden away among other cafes and shops, the tearoom is hardly an undiscovered gem by any means. Though, as expected, on arrival the cafe's tables were occupied by a few old women and one mother and daughter. My boyfriend and I probably looked completely out of place, little did we care at the time. The menu wasn't extensive, sandwiches, soup of the day, scones and cakes. We already knew what we had came to the tearoom for. 

(Pictured; Afternoon Tea at The Bluebell Tearoom)

Famous for their afternoon tea, we knew there was only one option. With the choice of a sandwich filling each, a scone each, a selection of cakes between us and endless pots of loose leaf tea, we were not disappointed. I chose a classic egg mayo, Alex a ham and mustard, served on a homemade seeded bread that was the best I've possibly ever tasted. The scones were delicious, warm and served with homemade cream and jam. Considering I think dried fruit is offensive and wrong in every way, I was  so so pleased that we were given a fruit and a plain scone. The cakes were a mixture, yet equally as nice. The cake of the day was a small malteaser slice each, along side mini red velvet, toffee and sponge cakes. The owner was impressed that we managed to scoff the lot within the hour, I think she underestimated us and our love for cakes. 

 (pictured; The Bluebell Tearoom)

The decor was simple, white chairs, white walls and table cloths. Yet the room was filled, top to bottom, with colourful and impressive vintage ceramic tea sets, which we were informed were all donated by customers of The Bluebell Tearoom. All sets were different, giving each table an individual personality. The picture above shows the only bluebell set they currently own, donated by a customer after he passed away. Also, as far as I am aware, the tearoom and Hotel Colessio are the only places in Stirling that serve real afternoon teas. Overall, The Bluebell Tearoom is a favourite in Stirling. With nothing else quite like it in the area, the tearoom covers a niche quite different from any other. 

Food - 8.5/10
Cafe Decor - 9/10
Overall 8/10
I really look forward to going back here and trying different sandwiches and drinking endless pots of loose leaf breakfast tea from their gorgeous tea sets.



  1. This looks like such an adorable little place, it's one of those gems that once you know exists you end up going again and again! Shame it isn't a chain - but it makes it seem so much nicer that it's independently run!

    1. It really is one of a kind! Thanks for your comment :)


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