Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Fat Cyclist, Stirling.

 (pictured; The Fat Cyclist decor)

The Fat Cyclist must have only opened a few months ago now and if you know me well, or just follow me on instagram, you'll be shocked to know that I had never actually tried the cafe until a few weeks ago. One gorgeously sunny Sunday morning, when my shift at work didn't start until 1, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk into town to get some breakfast. Not wanting to go for a classic fry up, we walked straight past Wetherspoons and down to the The Fat Cyclist, which at 11am was already packed. We took this as a good sign and went straight in, got a sofa and ordered the BEST pancakes I've had for ages. I chose nutella and Alex chose salted caramel. I must admit, the salted caramel pancakes were miles better than mine, which is saying something considering mine were amazing. Both came with huge chunks of banana and we both ordered orange juice, which despite coming straight from a carton actually tasted really fresh. The service after ordering was marginally slow, the pancakes took up to twenty minutes and the orange juice took around five (weird considering we literally watched him pour it from the carton). Breakfast was absolutely spot on though and I was so impressed with the decor of the cafe. Everything they have is made out of recycled goods, with the bike theme running throughout the cafe. There are books, board games and comfy sofas, meaning that you could easily spend a good few hours there undisturbed. The cake selection wasn't great. There was one huge coffee cake with layered with butterscotch cream that looked nice, other than that it wasn't much of a 'coffee and cake cafe', more of a casual lunch kind of place which, fair to them, seems to be paying off. I also like how they have tried especially hard to incorporate their menu and their decor to suit a wide a clientele. Adults, students and children all appreciate good food and a cosy setting and I'm please a cafe in Stirling has finally picked up on this.

 (pictured; nutella pancakes)

Food - 8/10
Cafe Decor -9/10
Overall 8.5/10
I'm really keen to try out other things now I've had breakfast here and I'm 100% sure that the rating will only go up after I do.

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