Monday, 23 March 2015

MAC Cinderella A Stroke of Midnight Palette

(pictured; MAC Cinderella Stroke of Midnight palette

The collection we'd all been waiting for, once again, flashed before our very eyes and was sold out. MAC cosmetics love playing games with their customers. No real release date, definitely no release time. You're lucky if you even get a week sometimes, the month is only mentioned in the small print of an instagram post. Many customers will bang their fists on their desk and tell you how unfair it is, how they've been waiting for this collection for months and how they've been eyeing up a particular lipstick from the beginning, but to be perfectly honest so has every other girl who loves make up. MAC limited edition collections are designed to be sought after by all and, as you can probably tell by their extortionate prices on eBay, they are. The beautiful packaging unfortunately does mean that this collection sold out before I even knew it was available and by no means was I the only one. Only a small minority of those who wanted the collection actually managed to get their hands on something, with many girls taking advantage of this and buying vast amounts of products they knew they could sell on way above the RRP. Such is life unfortunately. In some ways it is better for collections to be randomly released, as surely MAC's server couldn't hold the amount of traffic it would receive in the ten minutes leading up to the release. Nonetheless, I wanted this palette before and after the collection sold out. I was desperate to get my hands on it and after a good week of tips from work I found myself purchasing it for over the RRP online. Ladies, I do not regret a thing. 

Firstly, I did think the packaging looked a little cheap and tacky when the initial collection images were released. The gold and this particular shade of blue was always going to be tricky. However, on receiving my palette I was pleasantly surprised. The blue is a a lot softer in real life, looking almost matte finished, and the gold a lot less brash and yellow. MAC Disney collection by far have the best mix of packaging, product names and colours. Vapour, Phloof!, Omega, Quarry and Satin Taupe are all well loved MAC eyeshadows. All classic neutral shades that are perfect for an every day look but that can also be built up to make an incredible smokey eye. The final shade, A Stoke of Midnight, is by far the darkest and most pigment shade of the palette, with a striking resemblance to the shade Beauty Marked. I'll be honest, it took me a good few days of looking at palette before I actually used it. It is just gorgeous. Overall, I am still smitten with the palette and the collection as a whole.

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